Industry Collaboration with Universities

We work with industry, and the healthcare system to develop, deploy and evaluate connected health technologies and solutions. UCD is at the centre of a Connected Health Ecosystem with a wide range of industry partners, a network of clinicians, input from patients and an interdisciplinary network of engaged academics.

Working in Partnership to Learn and Develop

  • We map patient care pathways and remodel them using technologies from our industry partners. We then deploy these new solutions and evaluate them from both a clinical and an economic perspective with a view to building evidence-based business and revenue models for companies.
  • We examine data that has been generated in the course of business-as-usual for our industry partners and find the patterns that deliver commercially valuable information. We can answer questions raised by our partners, or indeed, suggest questions to which the data might offer interesting insights.
  • We test and evaluate connected health solutions for partner companies working with clinicians and relevant patient cohorts.
  • We work with industry partners to develop new solutions and technologies leveraging expertise across UCD’s schools and colleges in areas such as veterinary, food and health, business, ICT, engineering and life science. Industry collaboration with universities is an essential part of Connected Health.