Masters Programme

Registration closes 29th August 2014

The UCD MSc in Connected Health runs across schools in UCD to offer graduates a part-time, interdisciplinary programme tailored according to their background qualifications and experience. Graduates will enter the programme with an existing deep knowledge and understanding in one or more of the areas of: business, life science, engineering, ICT or social science. Over the course of the programme they will build knowledge in the other subject areas. All graduates will, on completion, have an understanding of Connected Health Systems, technologies, business models and ethnographic and design considerations enabling them to participate fully in debate and decision making around Connected Health in their organisations and at a public policy level. The experience and knowledge gathered over the course of this programme will challenge the student to re-examine their pre-existing domain knowledge with a view to developing new ideas – be they in a research, policy or industry environment.

This programme will encourage participants to learn in the context of live, often multidisciplinary, environments: bringing in guest speakers from the worlds of policy and enterprise, offering placement options in addition to dissertation and insisting on case study and practice-based teaching.

An interdisciplinary capstone research project will encourage students to make judgements based on a multiplicity of inputs. Students will learn how to call on team members to round out their own incomplete knowledge and skill set. Because the projects will be sponsored by industry/department of health, such judgements must balance commercial drivers alongside ethical and research considerations.

Peer learning and cross-functional communication and team-working skills are central to the programme. Students will come from diverse geographic, academic and experience bases. They will represent functional expertise that traditionally rely heavily on jargon and find communication outside their domain both difficult and frustrating. A key outcome for each graduate will be the ability to understand, communicate with and ultimately convince, subject matter experts from without their own domain. Team-based projects will deliberately incorporate geographic and expertise diversity to encourage such learning and demand clear and unambiguous communication underpinned by knowledge and rationale.

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